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How We Worship - Matthew 22:37-40​

We are called to Love the Lord our God . . .

With All Our Heart

Passion is at the heart of our worship:  a Passion for feeling God's presence with all five senses in our Church Service through the music, liturgy and the sacraments; Passion for interacting and responding to Christ in those around us; and a passion for going into the World to love and Serve our Lord.

With All Our Soul

We live and move within both a physical and a spiritual world.  If we do not find time for contemplation and prayer, spending time alone with Christ, we will be choked and smothered by the cares of this world.  (Matthew 13:22)

And With All Our Mind

As Anglicans, "We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the Word of God, and to contain all things necessary to salvation."  BCP p513

We engage this Authoritative standard through the lens of our Reason and the traditions of the community of believers throughout time.

And Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves

We are called to more than just filling the pews on Sundays and Wednesday nights.  It is in the active development of our relationships with God,  each other and the World that our Worship of God is perfected and God's love is truly manifested on the Earth.​

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