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The Herald Trumpet

We celebrate the addition to the Organ: The Herald Trumpet.  Other names commonly used for this stop are Festival Trumpet, State Trumpet, Trumpet Major, Trumpet Royal, and the French term, Trompette en chamade.

The 61 pipes are made of polished, lacquered brass. A unique feature is the bell (flare) at the end of each pipe, similar to a real trumpet.  A 90-year-old man at the Trivio Company (Hagerstown, MD) handmade this set especially for St. Paul's: he only makes one set a year.  Design and installation of the Herald Trumpet was done by Guzowski & Steppe, Organbuilders Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL).

This is one of the crowning touches of any organ, both visually and tonally.  It is always placed horizantaly outside the organ case in various locations.  This allows for the full range of harmonies of each pipe to speak in the church.  It is on a higher wind pressure than most stops of the organ, giving it a full-throated, thrilling sound.

In voluntaries, hymns, liturgy and anthem, may this trumpet herald the Good news of our Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ to all who hear it!

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