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Holy Week - Easter Schedule
March 24th - 31st

Palm Sunday (8 am and 10:30 pm)

Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and marks the begining of "Holy Week", During this service, the congregation will process from the Garden of the Cross to the main sanctuary waving Palm fronds.  The passion story is read with various readers and the congregation taking on roles in the story. The joy of the triumphal entry is matched by the sorrow of the crucifixion story. Breakfast is served at 9am and our Sunday School Class is at 9:30am.

Daily Services Monday-Wednesday

During Lunch hour (12:15-12:45) we will have an intimate Eucharist service in St. Mary's Chapel.

Tenebrae Wednesday (7 pm)

The word "Tenebrae" is Latin for "Shadows." This ancient service moves us from light into shadow.  As Each Psalm is read responsively, a candle is extinguished until a single candle on the center of the Altar remains.  It is removed and a clashing sound is made in the darkness.  The service ends in silence.  


Maundy Thursday (7 pm)

This Eucharistic Service is a remembrance of the Last Supper.  The congregation is invited to participate in an optional foot washing ceremony.  After communion, the altar is stripped and the people leave in silence.  "Let the Watch begin."


Good Friday (12:15 pm)

The passion story is read and prayers and devotions are given to commemorate the day Jesus died.  There will be communion from the reserved Sacrament. 

Stations of the Cross will be said beginning at 12 pm in the Main Sanctuary.

Easter Sunday (8am and 10:30 am)

THE LORD IS RISEN!  If Easter Vigil is Mary at the empty tomb then Easter Sunday is Mary proclaiming his ressurection to the Apostles and to the World. Special music is provided as we celebrate Christ resurrection in song, prayer and eucharist.  There is an Egg Hunt in the Garden of the Cross and a luncheon after the 10:30 service. Everyone is invited.

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