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Maintenance Technician

The Maintenance Technician (MT) will maintain all church facilities. Responsibilities include working directly with the Junior Warden, Volunteers, Ministers, and Office Staff in assisting with setup of facilities for church events and building operations. The MT will accomplish preventative maintenance on all facilities/equipment, perform needed repairs/service, monitor/assist contractors, architects, and volunteers making sure necessary tasks are done.  This part-time position requires 15-20 hours per week.



• Lift a minimum of 50 lbs.

• Spend 80-90% of work time on your feet doing a wide variety of moderate physical activity indoors and 


• Use basic computer skills including word processing, email, and calendaring,

• Relate well, communicate professionally and courteously with staff, volunteers, parishioners, children,  

   contractors and vendors.

• Be a practicing Christian with a strong faith

• Basic knowledge of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and mechanical systems

• Good problem solving and prioritization skills

• Maintain a neat appearance.


• Inspect the church grounds for trash/vandalism.

• Identify items which need to be repaired. If possible, repair with resources on hand.

• Purchase of any required replacement parts and any tools required to complete these repairs or determine

   the need to hire outside contractors (vendors). This will be handled in accordance with the Work Order

   Request / Purchase Order Request procedure.

• Meet with and oversee any and all outside contractors (vendors) which are contracted to perform work of 

   any kind on church property.

• Maintain and repair

          • Irrigation System as needed

          • Buildings (including painting, caulking, pressure washing etc.) as needed

          • Tables, chairs, and other furniture & appliances as needed

• Minor electrical repairs (such as replacing switches & receptacles) as needed

• Minor plumbing repairs (such as leaks & toilet problems) as needed

• Lawn equipment as needed



• Mow and edge lawn

• Trim hedges as needed

• Use leaf blower to clean walkways and parking lot

• Pull weeds and use weed killer as needed

 • Take trash to the dumpster

• Check out irrigation system for leaks and broken sprinklers

• Set up Parish Hall for Sunday morning and special events (includes table arrangement, etc.)

• Inspect interior lighting and repair as needed (unless electrician is required)

• Inspect exterior lighting and repair as needed (unless electrician is required)

• Attend weekly staff meeting



• Maintain air conditioning systems

• Check for water in air handler drip pans to detect blocked drain lines

• Vacuum drain lines every 3 months (more often if needed)

• Trim tree limbs as needed

• Pressure wash walkways

• Submit purchase orders to order cleaning supplies and bathroom & kitchen paper & plastic supplies



• Clean barbeque grill (quarterly)

• Clean altar, della robia, statues and fountain in Garden of the Cross (quarterly)
• Test smoke alarms (quarterly)

• Inspect fire extinguishers (quarterly)


• Mulch playground

• Mulch flower beds

• Replace air conditioner filters

• Fertilize plants

• Organize and lead parishioner work days 

• Set timers for irrigation (bi-annually based on time changes)


• Strip, wax and buff tile floors

• Prepare Garden of the Cross and church landscape for Holy Week / Easter

• Secure wooden cross at alter in sanctuary for Easter

• Set up Christmas lighting and Nativity for Christmas season

As Required / Needed

• Replace batteries for hearing aids and microphones

• Dig holes for interment in the Garden of the Cross

• Assist rector and others in preparing rooms as needed for special functions

• Create items for Clergy as needed (i.e. candle cross, stands, etc.)

• Paint exterior of painted buildings as needed

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