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Comunications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator (CC) is the face and voice of St. Paul’s to parishioners and visitors to the church during the week.  The CC manages web communication, social media, reproduces and distributes sermon messages and assists with printed communication.  This part-time position requires 15-20 hours per week. Hours are from 10am-1pm Monday-Thursday with an extra hour on Tuesday and Friday.



• Clear speaking voice and outgoing personality

• Ability to work and engage with people of all socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and those who may 

   be struggling with physical or mental health challenges
• Ability to manage stressful situations with grace and dignity, and to respond to all people with respect and

• Be a practicing Christian with a strong faith

• Able to pray with people when the opportunity arises
• Familiar and competent with Microsoft Office, publication design and layout experience a plus




• Be the first contact for visitors in person/emails/mail/on the phone.

• Direct calls/email/mail/visitors as needed

• Keep rector up to date on who is on the Prayer List

• Keep Rector up to date on Church/community activities

• Keep DOK informed on who has requested to be on the DOK List

• Keep master calendar up to date

• Schedule the use of Church property by outside individual and organizations with the approval of the rector

• Keep members informed through Emails/Facebook on what is going on at the church

• Call Parishioners for updates

• Pray with people as appropriate


• Update Website on new events

• Maintain Prayer Lists

        • Written Prayer List

        • Spoken Prayer List

        • DOK Prayer List       

• Update members on Facebook/email

• Collect and distribute food

• Attend Staff Meeting

• Keep deacon informed of who needs home communion

• Insure staff is up to date on seasonal and other events


• Coordinate Events at the church

• Update Newspaper on special events

• Edit/Type letters for the Rector as needed

• Assist Rector/Deacon as needed

• Complete special projects as assigned by the Rector

• Give tours of the building to visitors when rector is not available

• Write “Thank you” notes for donated items

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